About Lion Rock

We are a Pennsylvania based distributor

We provide private label solutions for organizations for fund-raising, branding opportunities, and events. For companies and local small businesses, we provide private label solutions for event giveaways, events and any opportunity that helps your business build and spread its brand awareness.

We work with local non profits supplying private label bottled water for their many walks, runs and rides. By providing water at a low cost, the majority of profit  goes to the non-profit or  pays for the free water given to participants. This allows the non-profit to ask the donors who previously supplied water free, to provide other needed items thereby lowering the cost of the event and generating more income for the mission of the organization.

Those organizations interested in using the concept to create a brand that they can use not only at events but on premises in lieu of national brands in vending machines, snack bars or through other approaches such as: Order a case and pick up on a prearranged day.

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